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Шахматы! - говорил Остап - Знаете ли вы, что такое шахматы? Они двигают вперед не только культуру, но и экономику! Знаете ли вы, что шахматный клуб четырех коней при правильной постановке дела сможет совершенно преобразить город Васюки?

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For four years G.Kasparov Chess Academy holds different school team championships (in the Internet). The last competition (the 2-nd Open Russian School Chess Team Championship) was completed in May this year. Now we intend to continue such competitions. The next tournament is planned to begin in the period October – November and to hold the finals in January of 2004, during vacation days.
We are very glad to interest your school teams in our competition and invite them to join it.
Here is how the 2003/2004 SCTC will work:
All teams broken into Elementary (up to 14), Junior High, (Up to 18) categories. Entitled to participation are chess players who shall not have reached the age of 14 and 18 by January 1st of 2003
- 4 Member Teams / 4 Alternatives, 1 coach.
- Game / 20 min.+12sec/move Time Control.
- Number of Teams will determine Play System.
- Every School may nominate One Team in Each Age Category.
- Entry is free
- Total prize fund – about 100.000 roubles
The Academy provides all the teams (4 chess players and 1 couch), qualified for the finals, with full board and lodging as well as 3000 roubles to refund traveling expenses.
For the better organization, please, let us know about your desire to participate in the event.
Your answer will touch only on your future plan.
It is desirable to receive your answers up to 15 September 2003. The full form of the application will be sent you on receiving your letter.
We hope to see your school among the participants of the event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Academy (E-mail yaz@totalchess.ru, Telephone 007- 095 245-3510 -Yuri Zelenkov).
To all chess federations:
We should be grateful if you send us the list of other schools, which have the possibility to play chess in the Internet and how to get in touch with them.
We think that this tournament will stimulate the further development of chess movement in the Internate


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Шахматная баннерная сеть
Хозе-Рауль Капабланка-и-Граупера поморщился.

Даже с ничтожными силами можно овладеть всей доской. Все зависит от каждого индивидуума в отдельности. Мы видим, что блондин играет хорошо, а брюнет играет плохо. И никакие лекции не изменят этого соотношения сил, если каждый индивидуум в отдельности не будет постоянно тренироваться в шашк... то есть я хотел сказать - в шахматы...